Sony has begun selling smartphones with fingerprint sensors in the US.All three feature rear-mounted fingerprint sensors, rather than the side-mounted power button variety Sony has usedThese three phones are refreshes of the existing Sony mid-range lineup. The XA2 and super-sized XA2 Ultra are understandably built on a similar platform – they run on a Snapdragon 630 processor with a 1920×1080 display, the same 23MP rear camera and supporting specs.Meanwhile, the XA2 Ultra is larger, with a 6-inch display and corresponding 3580mAh battery compared to the 5.2-inch and 3300mAh of the XA2. For its extra size the XA2 Ultra adds a secondary front-facing camera with OIS, above and beyond the 8MP 120-degree wide-angle camera found on both, and also bumps up to 4GB of RAM from 3GB.Sitting well below those two is the Xperia L2, with its 5.5-inch 1280×720 display, quad-core processor (the brand is unknown, but likely MediaTek), 3GB of RAM and sizable 3300mAh battery. It takes a big step down in terms of camera, with a basic 13MP shooter on the back and 8MP wide-angle on the front. The goal here, as is the case with Sony's low-end range, is to bring that unmistakeable Sony design language down to an affordable price by skimping on the specs – for a point of reference, the current Xperia L1 is just $180. The downside? You're getting Android 7.1.1 Nougat on board, whereas the others launch on Oreo as you'd expect in early 2018.