SOLO Secure, the world’s premier developer of biometric and AI-enabled, mobile security products and situational awareness solutions, today introduced two mobile security devices that offer unparalleled connectivity, AI-infused personalization, and the world’s first biometrically activated self-defense deployment technology. Featuring several industry-first safety innovations and connectivity features, today’s debut of the enterprise-directed SOLO Blade and consumer-focused SOLO Backpacker marks the next evolution of safety and security on-the-go.

Today’s unveiling of the SOLO Blade for security professionals and consumer smartphone case, SOLO Backpacker, are the company’s latest hardware offerings and join SOLO Secure’s expansive personal security ecosystem. At the center of the SOLO Secure digital infrastructure is the multi-functional SOLO Secure app, which serves as a gateway and interface to the complete SOLO Secure user experience. In addition to user settings and device options, the app delivers a one-stop destination for expert self-defense education, personal empowerment videos and literature, as well as access to professional support communities.

Traditionally, the benefits of continuous connectivity and smart security products and solutions have been confined to stationary locations such as homes and businesses. The lack of on-the-go personal security solutions has left millions of consumers and security industry professionals vulnerable and isolated from community services. SOLO Secure proprietary technology brings unprecedented mobile connectivity flexibility and industry-first safety protocols, not previously available in either security industry or consumer personal defense products and services. Some of the benefits of this groundbreaking technology include emotional AI and Edge computing that recognizes a user’s level of emotional distress, body movement and gestures, to proactively identify a threat and summon help from first responders, as well as autonomous deploy drone surveillance to the location. Furthermore, for high-risk situations, the SOLO Blade has the ability to extend a self-defense steel blade that limits activation and use only to the owner via biometric activation.

The latest SOLO Secure solutions and products arrive at a time when cities nationwide are seeking not only an expedited and cost-efficient resolve to emerging threats, but also a successful de-escalation and informative assessment of potentially lethal situations. SOLO Secure’s data-centric solutions, geolocation sensors and situational awareness analytics, provide city planners, residential, hotel and retail space administrators, with reliable and cost-effective security solutions.

“Until now, millions of people have lacked the adequate information to identify, avoid and address personal security threats. SOLO Secure provides consumers and security professionals with the most accurate real-time assessment to successfully manage one’s situational environments, both consciously and autonomously, using the latest breakthroughs in AI, connectivity and biometrics,” said Nate Ramanathan, CEO, SOLO Secure. “Ultimately, the greatest benefit of SOLO Secure personal security technology is fulfilling the inherent needs of all people, which are situational awareness, personal confidence and connection to others.”