Local elections will take place in the UK on Thursday, 4th May with one difference: voters must present a photo ID at polling stations on the day to avoid being turned away.

Less than 24 hours remain to apply for an alternative ID document, called a Voter Authority Certificate, allowing those that do not have an accepted photo ID to vote in the immediate election on Thursday. The deadline is at 5pm tomorrow, Tuesday 25 April. Your name, date of birth, address, and a recent passport-style e-photograph must be provided.

The government says the changes to voting in England were outlined to tackle fraud, however, with proven low levels of electoral fraud in the UK, some critics have argued the rule change will only deter some voters – including young and older people and those that are disabled, homeless, trans, non-binary, or from traveller backgrounds.

Voters will not be given their ballot paper in polling stations unless they can show a form of photo ID, sparking some concern that local councils will inevitably have to manage some frustrated voters.

Accepted forms of ID include a passport photo, drivers’ license, older or Disabled Person’s bus pass or the over 60 oyster card.