SecuGen has announced that Phoenix LTC has selected SecuGen's U20-A fingerprint sensor to integrate secure biometric technology into StatSafe, an automated medication management system used in skilled nursing and long-term facilities.Phoenix LTC designs the StatSafe line of medication cart solutions that organize, store, and secure medication for use in diverse markets, from skilled nursing to independent living. They needed a way to authenticate care providers who are authorized to access the locked carts. Phoenix LTC found the biometric security offered by SecuGen's fingerprint technology delivers highly accurate recognition that is difficult to falsify and impossible to forget. The addition of biometrics provides a means of quickly and reliably verifying user identity so that healthcare providers can administer medication to patients more efficiently and safely.”We needed to add biometric security into our existing product line, and SecuGen fit the need perfectly,” stated John Bergmann, owner of Phoenix LTC. “We selected the U20-A sensor primarily for its quality, accuracy and reasonable price. Working with SecuGen was a pleasure. We appreciate their customer focus and attention on providing support and software development kits that were critical in the integration of the fingerprint sensor into our product.”The U20-A is a flagship of SecuGen's USB fingerprint sensors specifically designed for OEMs and boasts desirable features such as high image quality, utility, ruggedness, and price performance. SecuGen offers a broad line of OEM sensors including stand-alone systems and fingerprint sensors suitable for almost any application. SecuGen OEM sensors have been integrated into a wide variety of products such as ATMs, gun safes, kiosks, manufacturing equipment, physical access control terminals, and time & attendance machines marketed throughout the world.Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen added, “We are thrilled to see our fingerprint technology working for Phoenix LTC. They have put a lot of thought into the design and functionality of their products and saw a clear need for the added security of biometrics. We are very pleased that they have chosen our U20-A sensor.””It's exciting to meet new customers with creative ideas for implementing our biometric technology into their applications,” stated Won Lee, President and CEO of SecuGen. “Biometrics is a powerful tool, and we are glad to help them harness this power with our OEM sensor products and development resources.”