If Identity Week America is not on your radar, it should be. Save the date for October 3-4, 2023. 

After 17 years, Identity Week is established as the leading identity and trust event which has grown substantially to become the main meeting place for experts in the identity space.  

We run a global identity event series for the APAC region, Europe and U.S, split into three domains: digital identity, physical security documents and biometrics. 

Identity Week America is returning to Washington D.C on 3-4 October with over 3,000+ attendees from the public sector, finance, travel, healthcare and retail industries. 

The event covers many converging debates and discussions which are a focus for government in policymaking and bringing in legislation that supports cybersecurity, data protection & AI, new technologies like blockchain and the metaverse, and so much more. 

Identity Week is one of the only events in the calendar that massive multi-sector organisations in this space will attend year-on-year to give updates and announcements on their current projects.

Here’s our agenda: https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/identityweekamerica/agenda.stm