Global semiconductor manufacturer NXP has revealed plans to hold a webinar about the future of the electronic passport, providing views on new technologies and market developments.The free-of-charge webinar will help attendee learn more about the capabilities of existing and upcoming ePassport formats, and learn how new technologies for secure credentialing could change how we think about privacy, security, and even identity itself.The event, called The future of electronic passports and border crossings, will be held on 29 March, 9am CET and 8am PDT.It will be based around the company's recent whitepaper, which you can find here. That paper argues that the adoption of ePassports has created a highly secure, truly interoperable global infrastructure for international travel.However, it notes that demand for stolen and forged passports is, unfortunately, at an all-time high, thanks in part to factors like the refugee crisis, the rise in international terrorism, and the increase inorganized criminal activity, including human trafficking.The paper adds: "The use of ePassports makes it harder to present doctored or illegally issued travel documents as the real thing, and helps reduce black-market trade in travel documents".