The new Subaru Forester will come with facial recognition for security and personalisation.The technology that will also detect fatigue and driver distraction via a tiny infra-red camera in the dash.The Subaru can distinguish who is behind the wheel and then automatically adjust the seat, side mirrors and airconditioning according to the pre-set preferences of up to five drivers.If the car senses a crash is imminent – after checking with two other forward-facing cameras that constantly scan the road ahead – it will sound a warning beep to gain the attention of the driver.The technology will be available on the latest Subaru Forester family SUV due in showrooms in September priced from about $30,000.Subaru says the camera can even see through most sunglasses and prescription glasses.It is the first time facial recognition technology will be available in an affordable car.Lexus has had facial recognition in its GS hybrid sedan since 2012, but it is only designed to detect fatigue.Other brands such as Volkswagen and Mercedes use sensitive steering wheel sensors to detect if the driver is getting drowsy.