It has been confirmed that NEC Cooperation of America will retain a key contract offering its Integra-ID5 Multimodal Biometric Identification System solution to aid law enforcement and border control.

The NEC has a long-standing partnership with the Western Identification Networks (WIN network), a large consortium of law enforcement entities and U.S states that work collaboratively and embrace biometric technologies to enhance biometric criminal records. Indeed the consortium includes a joint MBIS processing service bureau that holds the authority to request and access known biometric databases in eight members states.

The approval of NEC’s technology shows that the Integra-ID5 model has many technical capabilities to ensure accurate usability, low maintenance needs, reliability, and data management and will be leveraged to identify offenders and aid investigations through to at least 2032.

Ken Bischoff, CEO of WIN talked about the “testament” of NEC’s strong relationship with the WIN network founded on trusted technologies, which he expects will only continue to thrive with additional services provided in addition to the current capabilities of the system.

NEC scores highly in NIST algorithm recognition matching tests that determine speed and accuracy of face and fingerprint recognition and matching to high or poor image quality records.

Eugene le Roux, NEC Vice President of Digital Government, restated NEC’s mission statement which has always been to “provide the most accurate biometric solutions to help keep communities safe and secure” working with key authorities in law enforcement and travel.

“We are committed to supporting Western Identification Network in their mission and are thrilled to continue this partnership for another 10 years”.

Improvements to the legacy ABIS 2.0 and new ABIS 3.0 scaling secure and quick-to-access storage of biometric records will mark the next stage of a collaboration with the WIN Network. As well as this, justifying such a wide deployment, the multimodal biometric system will also be optimised for data migration and good conversion, including deduplicating results and searches with the FBI Interstate Photo System to identify more offenders and solve more crimes.