To identify and prevent threats such as terrorism, document fraud and cross-border crime and thus ensure the safety of citizens and foreigners alike, the Government of the Republic of Mozambique decided to award the German-based company Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH with the task to implement its new visa and border management solution. In addition to the provision of an integrated border and visa management system, Mühlbauer is obliged to deliver, distribute, install and ramp-up a comprehensive and integrated solution for the issuance of civil identification documents and travel documents within and outside the Republic of Mozambique. The project scope also comprises extensive consultancy, technical assistance and training of the customer's organization and workforce.The Republic of Mozambique's new border management and visa system provides a full range of applications to implement best-practice immigration processes and modern technologies at all border control points – an overall of 14 airports, 22 land and 7 sea borders.The new border management software, a Mühlbauer in-house development, excels through its user-friendly, responsive usability concept: All relevant data are displayed on only one page so that the border officer can determine possible discrepancies at a glance. Moreover, by means of a document reader, the new border management software offers the possibility to perform a full document check of every passenger's travel document. In order to reliably determine the authenticity of a travel document's security features, the software accesses a database with the relevant security features for most of the ICAO-compliant travel documents on the fly and matches the document's security data with the data stored. Automatic stop lists and entry / exit checks with overstay handling reliably support the Mozambican border officers in the detection of fraud or suspects.The border management and visa system was officially put into operation on May, 22nd 2019, at 06:00 a.m. at Maputo International Airport. During the ramp-up phase Mühlbauer experts supported the representatives and operators of the Mozambican Border Police SENAMI. The teams worked closely together to finetune the high-tech systems and ensure the best possible performance and the highest level of efficiency.The new border management system reliably enables SENAMI to exploit technology convergence in order to ensure a comprehensive and reliable border and visa management, which boosts legitimate entry and exit to Mozambique, prevents illegal immigration and tightens security at border crossings.