ITW Security Division has added a new White Paper 'The Hologram – Still Going Strong!' to its website for the personal ID and secure government documents markets. 'The Hologram – Still Going Strong!' challenges the predicted demise of holography and highlights its continuing role as the security feature of choice for governments and government agencies in the fight against counterfeiters and organised crime gangs operating in the multi-million-dollar trade of counterfeit or illicit Passports, Driving Licenses, National ID Cards and other personal ID documents.The White Paper also looks at the history of the hologram and its role in today's ID industry. From analysis of what a hologram is, to understanding its use across a variety of substrates – including ID documents and banknotes – it explores how holography is still meeting Government's and document issuer's authentication and security requirements. "Holograms are still one of the most important security features available for the verification and authentication of a wide variety of security and ID documents," comments Bob Carey, ITW Security Division's Business Unit Manager. "No competing print technology works on so many levels of security (overt, covert and forensic), nor combines the decorative, eye-catching appeal and kinetic effects available in a hologram and we have worked to highlight this in the latest in our series of White Papers."