The Biometric Database Management Authority (BDMA) of Israel has invited respondents to submit proposals to an RFI for an ABIS.The BDMA threshold requirements include that the firms must be a legally registered corporation engaged in the provision of integrative project management for the establishment of an ABIS and/or provision of technical assistance and support for ABIS to at least two customers.It also must be an organisation such as the aforementioned which itself delivered had performed at “least two integrated projects that includes an ABIS for at least 10 million identities”.The authority notes: “The implemented systems are used for Civil AFIS and not for criminal use.”And:The implemented systems are used, for e-ID and e-Passport issuance, as a biometricde-duplication method to provide this service including: Fingerprint matching (1:N & 1:1) Face recognition matching (1:N & 1:1) Fusion matching (1:N & 1:1) Additional biometric technologies (future expansion)The service includes Authentication capabilities (1:1) and Identity resolution. The matching methods do not include any biographic information (reference number only) and are not doing any use of biographic in matching processes.Any request should be sent only by emaill to; theAuthority will confirm receipt via electronic mail, with a deadline of 7 February 2020.