Iris recognition solutions firm IriTech has announced that it has entered a partnership with Umanick that will create a biometric healthcare identity solution in Spain.The deal follows a pilot earlier this year that saw Umanick trial IriTech's iris mobile solution at Arrixaca Hospital to identity patients before blood transfusions and chemotherapy treatments.Currently the solution is helping to identify around 80 patients daily before some important medical tests.According to The World Health Organization (WHO), accurate patient identification is one of the nine priorities to improve patient safety.Moreover, in a recent statistics, 67% of the errors in blood transfusions are reported due to misidentifications, 13% of all adverse effects that harm patients in surgeries are recognized due to wrong identifications and ID wristbands only reduce errors by 50%.IriTech's iris on mobile solution includes an IriShield camera which connects directly to an Android phone or tablet. The matching is done in the backend of Umanick Identity system specifically in the cluster matching engine and up to date 1,500 patients have been enrolled in the system equivalent to 30,000 biometric iris patterns. The matching is done on board as IriShield's internal gallery can store 1,000 templates and expandable up to 10,000 templates. This iris biometric solution is a part of a whole biometric system deploying at Arrixaca Hospital currently.”Right from the reception desk, through the blood drawing room to the medication process, the biometric system was deployed to provide a fast and accurate patient identification method in order to enhance patient experience and help eliminate identity fraud, impersonate and theft”, the company said.Ilko GarcĂ­a, CTO of Umanick said: “This is an innovative pilot project by the Murcia Public Healthcare Service to pioneer in providing biometric identification solution in healthcare and this state-of-art technology is expected to set a new trend in healthcare technology soon”. He also revealed that in the coming time Umanick will work closely with IriTech to design an iris- based tablet specially used for healthcare sector.In another note, IriTech's iris on mobile solution has previously deployed successfully in many other large scale projects such Education project which has been owed by Kenya Ministry of Education and sponsored by Microsoft to provide time tracking for children across 60 schools in Kenya currently.