iProov establishes trust for its remote users using biometrics that can securely verify the right user, in real time.

As the fast-growing global technology provider of Genuine Presence Authentication, CEO, Andrew Bud makes a stop while attending Identity Week America, in Washington DC, to evaluate the new order of biometric identity challenges which take precedence for such market leaders.

Commenting on the past challenge and legacy of face matching and presentation attacks, that are now largely resolved with technology defending the real user, Andrew sizes up the current biggest threat to stealing someone’s physical identity to try to gain illegitimate access.

While AI innovation is a blessing to create digital twins, fraudsters are creating synthetically generated imagery based on AI which is digitally injected into the data stream by android emulators.

This generates imagery which is “indistinguishable” to the eye, says Bud, but which derives from a false identity.  Fraud management is crucial to maintain resistant security. Find out which iProov solutions delivered excellent KYC processes and due diligence at the event in this full, live interview.