On November 25, IDEMIA, leader in Augmented Identity, unveiled its latest ID security feature, LASINK Helios. This high-tech innovation combines both laser color personalization and DOVID technologies on the secondary portrait.

LASINK Helios is based on two technologies, the holographic DOVID technology and LASINK. The latter is a color technology developed by IDEMIA which is based on a matrix of red, green and blue lines.

According to Olivier Charlanes, SVP Global Business Development, Marketing & Product Offer, Public Security & Identity, IDEMIA, “As a color portrait embedded into a DOVID, LASINK Helios meets the foundational requirement of all of IDEMIA’s ID security concepts: hard to reproduce but easy to inspect. The development of this new security feature is an illustration of how IDEMIA stays one step ahead of fraud.” The Group demonstrates its “experience in producing tamper-proof documents and continuous innovation”.

LASINK Helios displays striking optical effects. These effects vary depending on the angle of vision and are easily recognizable for both in-person or remote authentication, for instance using the device’s camera.

When the ID document is tilted upwards/downwards, the checkers (made of three colored dots) positioned on the edge of the portrait will change colors. The full-color image is revealed when the color checkers show a combination of red/green/blue.

Non-specialists – e.g. bank employees, hotel staff, retailers etc. – have little experience in document inspection but they are facing more and more scenarios in which it is required. They will be able to easily authenticate the genuineness of an identity document, without the need of specific equipment.
As there is a growing number of situations in which verification of an identity document is required, IDEMIA designed a solution that is hard to reproduce but easy to inspect. Non-specialists will benefit from this new security feature that allows them to easily authenticate an identity document.

Besides the main portrait, which is the most attacked feature of an ID document, the secondary portrait creates an additional level of security. It validates the main portrait, thus confirming the identity of the document holder. Interlinking both images makes forgery almost impossible, thereby deterring any fraud attempts.

LASINK Helios is based on a holographic matrix, incorporated into the core of the blank document before lamination. An exclusive software application is needed to produce LASINK Helios. Fraudsters cannot use equipment that is available to the public to personalize the picture with the required optical effects. For the same reason, it is impossible to create a full reproduction of the document (anti-counterfeit) or modify the portrait (anti-forgery and anti-morphing).
LASINK Helios is available in two versions. The secondary portrait is either displayed as a standalone image with a sleek design, or LASINK Helios has a partially transparent side that covers the portrait, offering an additional layer of security. In this second version, it also contains a DID that changes color when rotated at a 90° angle.

With LASINK Helios, IDEMIA extends its security concept to create ID documents that are hard to reproduce but easy to inspect.
With this technology, IDEMIA addresses the concerns of many countries with regard to strengthening the security of their identity documents. LASINK™ technology already secures the ID documents of several countries including Estonia, Latvia, Morocco, Colombia, Costa Rica, Burkina Faso and Andorra.