New York-based Hypr has said that biometric tokenization platform augmented with strong cryptographic security could prevent security vulnerabilities in fingerprint data storage that were recently revealed by security researchers.The researchers found that most device manufacturers fail to use available protection to safeguard users' most sensitive biometric data in the Android Trust Zone, an environment that is safely isolated from the operating system.As a solution, Hypr recommends leveraging biometric tokenization to enable the safe transmission of a fingerprint image, or template, to the cloud using trusted public key cryptography.This involves storing fingerprints as a mathematical representation in a trusted environment, a location separate from a device's operating system. As well as deploying secure processors that are specifically designed for the storage of sensitive data, such as biometrics.”By utilizing state of the art biometric encryption protocols, relying parties can validate signatures in various ways while meeting the four guiding principles of biometric tokenization”, wrote Hypr.