Tokenization experts HYPR Corp have launched a security suite intended for developers and manufacturers to work with on the Internet of Things.HYPR said that because it operates as an “under-the-hood” security solution, that the system enables applications to link with compatible, FIDO Alliance-ready devices and biometric sensors such as voice analysers, facial recognition detectors, and fingerprint readers.”With the difficulties that the outmoded use of passwords presents for BYOD, COPE, IoT, and mobile payments, the interconnected online world needs a unified biometric identity protocol.”By embedding HYPR into their products, developers and manufacturers can achieve future-proof security that seamlessly works with any current or future compliant biometric devices,” said the company in a statement.The HYPR protocol can be used by enterprises, financial services providers, payment platforms, government agencies and entities across the healthcare industry, added the firm.George Avetisov, CEO of HYPR Corp. said: “The ubiquity of mobile devices, coupled with growing access to the Internet, creates an environment where cyber criminals continue to innovate based on familiar password protocols. Put simply, security is inadequate for the scale and scope of the IoT. What's needed now is a security strategy that responsibly utilizes a user's unique biometric signature by having it be the root of authentication, while never allowing it to leave the device layer. With HYPR Integration Kits, both independent developers and large organizations will be able to secure logins at all points along the authentication channel with powerful biometric tokenization.”