German eID consultancy HJP Consulting has revealed that it will provide the simulation environment for smart card functions being developed for the European Union's Regulation on electronic identities and trust services (eIDAS).HJP, together with cv cryptovision will also provide selected eIDAS functions on a smart card, with the open-source-based smart card simulator PersoSim, developed by HJP, to be used for the simulation.The European Union (EU) finalized eIDAS in July 2014. It seen as a milestone for the creation of a legal basis for secure electronic transactions between businesses, citizens and governments within the EU.As a part of these activities, the French Agence nationale de la sÉcuritÉ of systèmes d'information (ANSSI) and the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) are working on the joint smart card specifications based on the technology, which also used in the German ID card (BSI TR-03110).HJP's simulation environment for simulating the eIDAS functions will be based on BSI TR-03110.PersoSim will be further developed in this project with regards to the eIDAS requirements from BSI TR-03110. cv cryptovision GmbH will implement eIDAS functions on a smart card, whereby cryptovision's product "ePasslet Suite" provides the substantial parts for the eIDAS functionality.