Facial biometric recognition will be embedded throughout the passenger journey from check-in to boarding at Frankfurt Airport with SITA and NEC confirmed as the contractors.

It is a similar scenario across many major hub airports across Europe and America which are being optimised with the return of normal travel and customer experiences to satisfy.

It cuts waiting times to check in luggage to 15 seconds and enhances efficiencies in the airport using passengers’ faces as the only form of identification.

With a short timeline for competition, by Spring 2023, the solution for uniform, simple-to-use biometric touchpoints is being promoted and available to be rolled out at all interested airports.

The full extent of refurbishment will include biometric kiosks and touchpoints being installed from “enrolment at a kiosk or counter, to pre-security automated gates and self-boarding gates” so passengers can expect to seamlessly pass through breezy airport procedures which were previously slow and cumbersome.

The project is ground-breaking in high-tech digital travel – both for aviation and air travel – and combines Star Alliance Biometrics with SITA and NEC’s technology, same-day enrolment, and fully capable biometric hubs, incorporated under the SITA Smart Path platform.

The Star Alliance is a member alliance of 26 airlines and airports which have separately already embarked on a network of biometric deployments, but will take further direction from with the innovative deployment of SITA Smart Path at Frankfurt Airport. Once passenger biometrics is collected from any of the participating airport and airlines, travellers can expect seamless recognition every-time.

Additionally, Lufthansa passengers enrolled for the Star Alliance biometrics program will automatically have their biometric data shared with SITA Smart Path for effortless travel experiences.

In collaboration, NEC is providing its No.1 NIST ranked NEC I:Delight facial recognition technology, in  “powered by industry-leading contactless biometric solutions that make touchpoints touchless, NEC I:Delight shapes personalised experiences that are safe, secure and hygienic while being seamlessly enjoyable”.

Sergio Colella, SITA President for Europe, said: “We are delighted to be working with key industry players to bring the benefits of biometric technology to passengers everywhere. With this implementation, Fraport is leading the industry in responding to shifting passenger demands for greater autonomy and convenience, while helping to maximize operational efficiencies”.