Florida’s law enforcement is calling on the government to raise $20 million towards provisioning a modern biometric identification system in Microsoft cloud.

The vast police database in the cloud will increase capacity to store biometric data from offenders once they offend and be better compatible with system updates.

$3.9 million was raised by lawmakers last year to transition the outdated bones of a system to a faster, higher capacity and upgradeable Multi-biometric Identification System.

The update will take 15 to 30 months to complete in phases incurring costs of $8.16 million this year, $11.7 million of government revenue and $10 million in maintenance costs thereafter.

The cloud-based system will have capacity for face recognition data but for the short-term the Florida police department will not be leveraging the database to make facial offender matches.

IDEMIA is supplying its Multi-biometric Identification System software to enhance database management.

Florida police leverages multiple biometric modalities for ID checks for example mobile fingerprint scanners to conduct rapid identity checks which officers submit the data from their mobile device to state or local police databases.