BIO-key has announced that Florida's Orange County Supervisor of Elections has selected BIO-key to add a critical layer of biometric security to protect access to public records with the strongest form of authentication. Orange County, Florida's fifth largest county, will utilize BIO-key's ID Director biometric software solution to secure appropriate access to voter data and files.Staff members will be enrolled using BIO-key's PIV-Pro, a FIPS compliant fingerprint scanner developed for government security applications, and EcoID, BIO-key's top-selling enterprise level compact fingerprint scanner developed for enterprises. EcoID has been tested and qualified by Microsoft to support the biometric authentication within its Windows Hello for Business application.Election offices are comprised of a broad spectrum of full and part-time employees and volunteers, often in shared workstation environments. The influx of new staff members during election cycles calls for a strong yet nimble authentication solution is secure, efficient and adaptable in managing access to mission-critical election data, while also providing a clear audit trail of user access. BIO-key's biometric security platform is ideal for election applications because it is affordable, easy to deploy and manage, and delivers the highest level of data security to properly protect the integrity of elections.”We are gratified by the growing adoption of our biometric solutions among various County Supervisors of Elections, as they take steps to secure their election systems for the coming presidential election,” stated Mike DePasquale, Chairman and CEO, BIO-key. “We have come to understand the unique use case for Supervisors of Elections and have tailored solutions to meet their needs. Our software is sold on a monthly subscription basis and therefore provides needed flexibility to adapt to a changing workforce. We have also developed high-quality, affordably-priced fingerprint scanners to meet budgetary requirements. Now with five successful Supervisor of Election deployments, we have forged an election security program that truly is seamless, easy to launch, and that we believe will become a model for other election Supervisors in Florida and for election boards across the country.”