An inferior customer onboarding solution threatens to undermine any good identity system, experts have warned.The best ways to streamline and improve customer onboarding systems will be explained by these experts in an upcoming Festival of Identity webinar on May 21.Colin Wallis, Executive Director at the Kantara Initiative, and Peter Martis, Director of Global Sales at Innovatrics, will be guest speakers on the topic.Both commercial and government organisations are constantly finding new ways to onboard their customers, even in challenging circumstances. With over 40% of new customers abandoning the onboarding process after 20 minutes, this panel explores how individuals can be verified in a seamless but secure manner.This session will cover:Solutions for onboarding new customers remotely.The potential use of biometrics in onboarding.The importance of liveness detection to eliminate the threat of deepfake images, morphing and AI cloning.To register for the event or for more information, click here .