#IdentityWeekAmerica‘s 2023 lineup keeps getting better with exciting new sponsors joining over the past week; including TransUnionAxiadForgeRock and IDVerse – An OCR Labs Company!

Follow your competitors and secure a booth today at the industry’s most important and trusted identity event. If there is one event to attend this year to boost your clients and prospects, Identity Week America has made its mark gathering together long-standing industry players year-on-year, as well as attracting new companies keeping up with innovations and creating top privacy and user experiences.

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From governance to financial services; and from healthcare to travel, Identity Week will host thousands of relevant stakeholders to meet from both the private and public sector.

TransUnion, Axiad, ForgeRock and the IDVerse Company are making huge company announcements as they integrate their services with demand from the financial services and other industries.

1Kosmos, a company that unifies identity proofing and passwordless authentication, has just launched its unified proofing and passwordless platform on NayaOne, the leading Digital Transformation Platform provider for financial institutions.

“We are pleased to welcome 1Kosmos to the NayaOne Marketplace, and its passwordless multi-factor authentication platform which enables financial institutions to modernise authentication as part of their digital transformation initiatives” – Oli Platt, Product and Marketplace Manager for NayaOne. 

ForgeRock, a global digital identity leader, recently announced its astute findings of the 2023 ForgeRock Identity Breach Report, proving their awareness of the threat landscape and data breeches impacting businesses and users. The ForgeRock Platform orchestrates superior management and security of all identities to protect against these threats.

With the support of TransUnion, Axiad, ForgeRock and IDVerse, Identity Week looks forward to delivering an unforgettable experience for over 3000 attendees, featuring two days of identity-based content.

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Identity Week America takes place October 3rd-4th in Washington DC. For any opportunities, please feel free to contact Harrison Bar-Shimon and Jonathan Drape-Comyn.

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