eScooter firm Bird has partnered with digital identity verification firm AU10TIX.The company has embedded AU10TIX's ID Scan into its app to ensure every rider uses a unique, valid and authentic ID when creating an account.For an added layer of protection, it can even be paired with the Selfie Match feature. Autonomous authentication can now be completed in just 8 seconds using zero bias, ultra-fast processing with advanced high-grade precision.”That's 20x faster than other operators, allowing Bird to quickly identify and help prevent issues of fraudulent behavior and underage riding with pinpoint accuracy.””AU10TIX is proud to partner with Bird to enhance micromobility safety for riders around the world,” said Carey O'Connor Kolaja, CEO of AU10TIX and one of FinTech Magazine's Top 10 Women in FinTech. “Our proprietary ID verification technology supports thousands of official ID types, meaning Bird riders around the world will be able to instantly authenticate their accounts and get moving. When two industry leaders come together to ensure that safety guidelines are respected efficiently, everyone wins.”Bird said it will be rolling out our new micromobility ID Scan and Selfie Match solution built with AU10TIX in January. The announcement of these latest safety features comes just weeks after Bird unveiled our new Autonomous Emergency Braking system, the micromobility industry's first active safety technology.