Entrust Datacard has released Entrust Certificate Services 12.1. According to the company, the updated version of its certificate services solution provides enhancements that allows users to more easily deploy, audit, manage and secure their full portfolio of digital certificates.It says: "Entrust Certificate Services simplifies certificate lifecycle management and website security. It helps users improve uptime, avoid security lapses and preserve brand reputation with 24×7 web-based access to tools that provide detailed technical insights, status updates and website scanning for end-to-end lifecycle management for a user's full portfolio of digital certificates."Enhancements to the 12.1 release include:• Consolidated management of Entrust and other certificates which provides users with a single, centralised certificate management dashboard regardless of issuing certification authority (CA).• Unlimited certificate duplication. Users of the Entrust Wildcard SSL/TLS certificates can now use security best practices by applying a unique private key to each server protected by a single Wildcard certificate license.• Global reports allows users across an entire organisation to view reports designated by the certificate administrator as global.• Customisation options including, custom fields across all certificates regardless of CA. Furthermore, notifications can now be customised, which provides the administrator with greater control of their certificates.• Quick search allows users to quickly find data based on information entered into the search box.• Improved manual imports provides the ability to import raw certificates in either file or text (PEM) format, and manage them in the same manner as discovered certificates, including adding custom data and expiration tracking. This allows users increased flexibility in managing certificates that are not issued by Entrust Certificate Services."Entrust Certificate Services helps to solve security issues faced by IT professionals by providing a solution that goes deeper than a simple certificate," says Sam Morcos, senior vice president and general manager, certificate services for Entrust Datacard. "As threats continue to evolve and the demands placed on IT departments increase, it is important that our certificates address the major pain points of IT departments – from preventing threats to increasing uptime and helping businesses remain compliant."