Entrust Datacard has launched the IntelliTrust authentication service, its new authentication cloud service with Mobile Smart Credential technology. According to the company, this solution leverages the low touch deployment aspects of the cloud with new levels of intelligent identity capabilities."Stronger identity-centric security is critical to both protect and enable new business capabilities. However, it's complex, time-consuming, and often frustratingly dynamic in its requirements," says Ryan Zlockie, global vice president of authentication for Entrust Datacard. "It is our mission to solve this problem for our customers and ensure they feel enabled, supported and confident along the way. IntelliTrust authentication service is redefining our everyday interactions with other people and devices, no matter an organisation's size or industry, all in the name of supporting more rapid digital transformation."According to Entrust Datacard, mobile solutions are fundamentally changing the way we live and the way in which both consumers and employees behave. Employees are no longer tethered to desktop computers, instead, transitioning between desktop, laptop and mobile devices within a single session. To achieve a secure environment without hampering productivity, organisations must enable access to mobile while protecting the extended enterprise beyond just SaaS apps.The IntelliTrust authentication service has been designed so that organisations can secure access to cloud, mobile and legacy applications using a unified authentication platform.