Digital ID firm Yoti will be supporting Volunteer Edinburgh with digital volunteer ID cards that they can issue directly to a volunteer's phone.Volunteer Edinburgh works with some of the most vulnerable citizens in Edinburgh. As they deploy 1,400 volunteers through the Scottish Government's Scotland Cares, being able to remotely equip those delivering their services with secure identification is fundamental.As the issuing authority, they can issue, update and revoke volunteer ID cards via the Yoti app. Volunteers can't edit the information but can present their ID card on their phone or share verified details ahead of a visit via text or email. For extra security, cards have a digital hologram which changes with the movement of a phone and have a live QR code that can be scanned to check the validity of the ID.Yoti's system is already being used by the NHS to issue secure digital ID cards to thousands of employees under NHS E&I, NHSX and NHS Digital."We fast-tracked the NHS staff digital ID cards at the beginning of the pandemic amidst reports of employees being attacked for their ID cards by opportunists looking to cash in on key worker discounts. Digital ID cards are intrinsically linked to the individual through the Yoti app, so can't be lost, stolen or asserted by anyone other than their holder".As Chief Officer at Volunteer Edinburgh Paul Wilson outlines, "Being able to badge our authorised volunteers remotely and with such control is vital and gives the people we are supporting greater confidence in our volunteers and Volunteer Edinburgh.Yoti Scotland Commercial Director, Gordon Scobbie, said, "It's been a pleasure to help the volunteering effort in Scotland and we look forward to helping out more organisations who need this kind of innovative digital solution."