Identity assurance software developer Daon has revealed the details of progress in its implementation of a biometric mobile banking app this year for USAA.Launched in January, USAA's app uses Daon's IdentityX Mobile Biometrics Solution, which includes facial and voice recognition, pin and liveness detetion.The facial recognition tool simply requires users to look at the screen and, when prompted, blink their eyes. Meanwhile for voice recognition, users can read a short phrase.Daon says this multi-modal approach to identify verification allows members to choose voice authentication when in a dim room, or facial recognition when in a noisy location.The response to the app has been “overwhelmingly positive,” said Daon, adding that it has seen mass adoption across all member segments.”Within three weeks of launch, over 100,000 USAA members were using the biometric options, with an average of 2,000 adopting per day. ߪ Even members over 50, of whom little adoption was expected, prefer biometrics over having to remember a password”.The biometrics firm added that USAA is currently testing fingerprint authentication as an additional security measure for its mobile banking members.”Identity theft is consistently the leading complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission. IdentityX's biometric solutions arm USAA members with a powerful weapon against this threat”, said Daon.