Crossmatch has launched DigitalPersona v3.0 Multifactor Authentication Software.The v3.0 release adds four new authentication methods (face recognition, FIDO U2F, email OTP and IWA) to its range of biometric, mobile, traditional and behavioural factors.According to Crossmatch, these authentication methods are important to customers to be able to support users accessing applications across an organisation. They can be used as second factors or layered with multiple other methods to achieve the identity assurance level required.The four authentication methods are:Face recognition biometrics that uses an individual's facial characteristics to authenticate.FIDO U2F authenticators, such as Yubikey or Hypersecu USB keys that provide a hardware token option.Email delivery of a software generated one-time password (OTP) to a user's AD email.Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) uses the fact that a user has already logged into Microsoft Windows as a factor. This can then be used for logging into other applications and paired with other factors.