A voice biometrics solution developed by Citibank has been awarded for innovation at a trade event.According to a press release, Citi launched the project this year to automatically verify a customer's identity within the first few seconds of a call while the customer is explaining the reason for calling.Citi won two 2015 Gartner Financial Services Cool Business Awards at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando in October.”Voice biometrics allows us to fundamentally change the customer experience – from 'Who are you?' to 'How can I help?'” said Andrew S. Keen, Citi's Chief Administrative Officer, Global Consumer Operating Functions.”This is one of several new capabilities we're introducing to increase protection while decreasing friction for Citi clients. We take a multi-pronged approach to security, and voice biometrics is an additional layer of defence. Our ultimate goal is to provide protection, peace of mind and convenience for our customers.”Citi's Voice Biometrics identifies roughly 130 different physical and behavioural characteristics within a person's vocal pattern and match those with a pre-recorded “voice print” to verify the caller's identity.Setting up the voiceprint takes less than a minute, and roughly 250,000 of Citi's US credit card customers have already opted in. The bank is evaluating expanding the program to other businesses and regions.