German cloud biometrics firm BioID has announced the availability of the BioID Facial Recognition app for iPhone and iPad.The free app enables developers and companies to add biometric authentication to their mobile platforms with just a few lines of code; their end users can then enjoy biometric logins and transaction authorization just through taking a selfie.Face recognition provides strong multifactor security (biometrics + phone) with a simple user experience, while patented liveness detection ensures that attackers can't trick the system with a photo.”Traditional password authentication falls apart on mobile devices. Because strong passwords are so difficult to enter on a mobile keyboard, most people either choose extremely simple passwords or keep themselves logged in,” noted Ho Chang, CEO of BioID. “Our app makes it easy for mobile developers and companies to offer multifactor authentication with the simplicity of face recognition – no learning required. We handle the intricacies of biometrics so they don't have to.”Developers can integrate their mobile websites and apps directly with the BioID app by including a link to open the app and supporting BioID Connect, an OpenID Connect and OAuth2.0 identity service based on the BioID Web Service. Their users can then simply download the app and enroll. A white-label version of the app is also available.