BIO-key International, a provider of identity and access management (IAM) solutions powered by biometrics, today announced the immediate availability of several new additions to its lineup of fingerprint scanners to meet the growing demand from enterprises and government for new form factors and USB connection options.First, BIO-key introduced Pocket10, its FBI FAP50, NIMC- and STQC-certified fingerprint scanner, which captures ten print enrollments in a compact, pocket-sized form factor, allowing highly mobile enrollment capability suitable for national IDs, background check submissions, and law enforcement use.Second, BIO-key unveiled USB-C versions of its popular SidePass and SideSwipe fingerprint scanners. With this next generation of affordable hardware options for its customers, BIO-key continues its leadership in developing hardware to support the most secure and convenient authentication method – biometrics.BIO-key's entire line of single-finger USB fingerprint scanners are all tested and qualified as Windows Hello accessories, allowing enterprises to deliver Windows Hello biometric experiences to users who lack a fingerprint scanner for secure access. Where higher levels of assurance are required, BIO-key's award-winning PortalGuard® Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform, offers Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign On (SSO), and Self-Service Password Reset, which incorporates BIO-key's server-secured biometric management for maximum flexibility and assurance when authenticating users. Additionally, BIO-key's software is scanner independent, allowing customers to mix and match any of over 40 supported fingerprint scanners to deliver a secure biometric experience. With this unmatched combination of platform and hardware options, BIO-key customers and partners have access to flexible, cost-effective, and secure solutions to secure the way their employees, customers and partners access their systems, no matter where they work.The demand for biometric authentication solutions is increasing rapidly as companies seek to replace outdated security methods provided by password-based authentication. The global market for biometrics is expected to increase from $22 billion in revenue this year to $55 billion in 2027, according to Raconteur. In North America and Europe, respondents note that fingerprint biometrics are faster, more convenient and more secure than passwords or other security methods.”The release of these new low-cost, high-quality fingerprint scanners enable faster, more economical identity workflows for BIO-key customers,” said Kimberly Johnson, Vice President of Products, BIO-key. “Not only are these scanners secure and more convenient than passwords, tokens and phone factors for the end user, they are easily integrated into customers' existing security solutions and align with our WEB-key and PortalGuard IDaaS platform. BIO-key continues to lead the industry by providing the most advanced and secure biometric product offerings to a broad range of customers and partners.”