Over 800, 000 Belarusians will receive a new ID card in 2021, confirmed officials.A plastic card will bear a photograph and basic personal information of the owner, while all other information will be linked to the document online.It will be possible to read it using a special terminal. People who receive an ID-card will automatically acquire an electronic digital signature with a 10-year expiration date and a personal email account. From the moment of creation, the cabinet will have the status of inactive until the person activates it from the ID-card. There will be all the information with the history of using this cabinet."We think there will be no queues. The current passport will be valid until its expiration date. This is a very subtle point that all citizens need to understand. After the introduction of biometric documents, there is no need to rush and run to receive them. There is no need for this. These two documents – passport and ID-card – will act on an equal basis in the state. Therefore, we do not expect an influx and do not think that it will happen , "said Pavel Khrishchenovich, Deputy Head of the Department for Citizenship and Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs .Another document that Belarusians will be able to receive this year is a biometric passport. Everything in the country is ready to switch to it.The document will be needed to travel abroad. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from 300 to 500 new passports will be issued a year.