Massachusetts-based biometric solutions firm Aware has revealed that its software is being used by digital security company in Brazil to offer cloud-based biometric services.Aware's products have been licensed by Certisign – the largest supplier of digital certificates in Brazil – to build a cloud-based biometric services platform.Aware has said that it intends to leverage its presence in the Latin American security technology and services market to deliver new biometric identity proofing and authentication services. Targeted customers include banks, retailers, telecoms, healthcare providers, and government agencies.The multi-tiered Certisign platform is built upon Aware software products including Biometric Services Platform (BioSP), Nexa, Inquire, and Astra. The enrollment and verification stations are branded by Certisign and were built using Aware's NISTPack, SequenceCheck, LiveScan API, PreFace, and IrisCheck SDKs.”The range and flexibility of Aware's software helped make our new biometric services possible,” commented Igor Rocha , managing director of Certibio, the biometric business unit of Certisign. “Their deep expertise and reliable support are what we expect will help ensure our success.”Biometric enrollment and identity proofing can be conducted either at a customer's premises or at one of Certisign's retail locations. Meanwhile, biometric authentication is performed by customer staff using workstations installed at the location of their choice. Services can be deployed either from Certisign's highly secure cloud, or alternatively from software installed in a private cloud or network.”Certisign promises to make robust identity fraud prevention truly universally accessible throughout Brazil and beyond,” said Rob Mungovan , VP of Biometrics at Aware. “We are pleased to be providing the identity platform in a solution that will surely set a benchmark for consumer-facing biometrics-as-services.”