Aware, a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, announces a new partnership with Intercede, a leading cyber security solutions provider. By combining forces, both companies are poised to drive progress in securing peoples' identities, and address today's digital security concerns head on.Aware and Intercede both understand the need for organizations to provide safe and simple access to their sensitive assets. As a leading global cybersecurity solutions provider, Intercede leverages Aware's industry-leading biometric solutions including Astra™, AwareXM™ and PreFace™ in its MyID Credential Management System, a software platform enabling federal agencies and large enterprises to issue and manage digital identities, as well as issue smart-card based credentials that enable secure multi-factor authentication. By combining their cybersecurity and biometric expertise, Intercede and Aware will continue to protect enterprises, federal agencies and law enforcement against the rising threat of data breaches and identity theft.”We are very excited to be partnering with Intercede,” said Bob Eckel, chief executive officer and president of Aware. “Intercede's long track record of tackling digital identity challenges speaks for itself, and we are thrilled they will be incorporating some of our leading biometric products to further strengthen their two-factor authentication and protect their customers.”This partnership marks the beginning of a five-year agreement between Aware and Intercede, with the option to extend. The two companies have already enjoyed a collective win, securing a contract with a United States federal agency to protect its most valuable assets from external attacks.”Intercede and Aware are a natural fit,” remarked Klaas van der Leest, chief executive officer of Intercede. “By integrating Aware's solution set into the MyID identity and credential management platform, our customers benefit from the highest levels of identity assurance delivered as an easy to consume commercial off-the-shelf solution. Aware enables the biometric features of MyID including ISO compliant face image capture and formatting for a smart card, ten-finger civil applicant enrollment, high speed one-to-many fingerprint duplicate checking to search for prior enrollments, and NIST MINEX compliant finger template generation for storage on a smart card as part of the personalization process.Already evidenced by a major joint win, we expect the partnership to ensure Intercede is well positioned to meet the growing demand for high security digital identity solutions.”