Biometric security is going to be implemented for airport and seaport staff in Australia.A report in The Australian has confirmed that the government wants to add biometrics to aviation security identity cards (ASICs) ­issued to pilots, baggage handlers, passenger screening staff and others who work at sec­ure parts of airports.The newspaper notes that it is also looking at adding biometrics to the maritime security identity card (MSIC) for ports and the offshore oil and gas ­sectors.Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester said the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development was examining policy options to add biometrics into the schemes.”Biometrics provide the highest level of identity assurance. The integration of biometrics into the ASIC and MSIC schemes is a long-term initiative,” Mr Chester said. “The department will continue to engage with industry participants as the policy is further developed.”The Australian also reports that it has been told airports and airlines have been holding high-level talks about boosting transport security – and that a paper has been produced that has been discussed with members of the government.