Palm-scanning technology is being added to contactless payments at Whole Foods grocery stores across the U.S, owned by Amazon. Palm vein recognition is a growing modality which is forecasted to value at $3.72 billion by 2028.

As e-commerce increasingly threatens to wipe out instore shopping experiences, palm vein technology is enhancing tap payment methods to maintain competition within the retail industry.

Customers can try a digitalised shopping experience by scanning their palm handprint over a payment system which is linked to their credit card.

Other sectors have adopted palm scanners, including the banking and financial sector, healthcare, home security, eduction, gaming and consumer electronics.

The U.S. bakery chain Panera was the first business to receive the Amazon One system which among privacy experts has raised some concerns. The palm-reading technology was implemented across Go Amazon sites in 2020 which sparked a lawsuit over consent to collect customers’ data.

“Amazon One will continue to be rolled out to Whole Foods Market stores in other states and US locations over the coming months”.