The pandemic has forged profound new ways of working remotely that have seen consumers demand more from technologies and have greater expectations around secure identity.

IFSEC Global in partnership with HID Global, a global innovator in trusted identity solutions, has published its 2022 State of Physical Access Control Report addressing the emerging trends in new organisational practices changing market demands for IAM mobile solutions.

The report reveals a change in attitudes with 42% of participants planning to upgrade to mobile-ready contactless systems, which would improve operational efficiency for enterprises while enabling more convenient, quick and secure mobile access for users.

Over 1000 respondents took part in the survey across the EMEA region, North America and Asia Pacific. 32% of people admitted they would upgrade to touchless access experiences, having greater requirements for convenient and secure technology since the pandemic began.

The report compares attitudes around a faster rate of innovation with polls from 2020. In 2020, 51% of respondents said their current system met or exceeded their requirements while the latest figures show a downturn in user satisfaction to only 41%.

End-user requirements in the last two years have also included the need for interoperable systems which are capable of supporting new upgrades and integrating with existing technologies. This was voted as being a critical feature of a new access control solution by 49% of users.

HID Global supply trusted identity solutions, giving people effortless and seamless identity verification experiences to access digital networks, services, personalised badges, verify transactions, find information, track assets and connect with others.