Biometric mobile payment service Samsung Pay has launched in South Korea, with payments authorised when the owner of the phone presses against the phone's fingerprint reader.The service, which will be arriving in the US on 28 September, works with credit and debit cards from banks and card issuers who have partnered with Samsung.Currently, Samsung Pay only works on the company's newest Android handsets; the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and newly announced S6 Edge Plus, as well as the new Galaxy Note 5.In July, Payments giant MasterCard has announced that it will cooperate with Samsung on the mobile payment system.MasterCard says that it is extending a global partnership with Samsung that leverages its MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) to deliver Samsung Pay in Europe.Earlier this year, MasterCard announced it would provide the tokenisation services to Samsung Pay for its secure transactions, enabling a quick scaling connection to bank partners in the US.A survey by Wristly this week estimated that the adoption rate of rival service Apple Pay among Apple Watch owners could reach up to 95 per cent, with 5 per cent of owners classified as unlikely to use it.