NEC excelled in the 2022 Department of Homeland Security Biometric Technology Rally scoring a perfect match rate of 100% accuracy out of different vendor solutions.

The test revealed negligible levels of inherent bias in the NeoFace face recognition algorithm when screening various demographics. NEC ranked highly against major global competitors in terms of accuracy and technology speed at the DHS Maryland Test Facility where specific travel experience scenarios were tested. Across the vendor landscape, many solutions are mitigating present bias and 40 of the top performing face recognition systems entered into the rally which was held in September 2022.

Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, President of NEC National Security Systems said the outcome “proved once again” that the provider was a “leader in biometrics, digital identity and vision AI”.

“NEC’s ‘Truly Open and Truly Trusted’ approach, combined with our commitment to elevating ethical and accurate biometric technology, has paved the way for us to provide face recognition solutions which elevate security for countless customers and the nation at large,” Kiernan added.