Despite how necessary breast cancer screenings are to catching the disease in its early stages, many women still feel undue embarrassment at the idea of being intimately examined, preventing potentially life-saving diagnoses.

During the peak of the pandemic from 2020-2021, only 1.19m women 45 years and over were screened for breast cancer, compared to 40% higher rates between 2019-20.

The image sharing platform, Send Mammogram, has prevented women being deterred from remote breast screenings by advancing the security of the software in the public cloud. The move will provide reassurance to more women that their private medical data is only accessible to the intended recipient.

Send Mammogram ensures the trusted exchange of breast imaging data to instil confidence in more women to use healthcare services that could ultimately save their lives if cancer is detected, securing their medical data as a digital identity credential to be proofed, authenticated and authorised by the recipient.

The mobile and web software, which digitally shares breast images, has integrated with a cloud software to enhance its data privacy credentials for patient clients. It has also proven its interoperability with ClearDATA cloud services provider.

Send Mammogram was founded to be the most accurate image transferring technology on the market, ensuring that images could be directly shared and retain a high quality, avoiding patients having to experience unnecessary radiation exposure or additional treatments. The technology gives control to the patient who entrusts their data with the health professional.

Digital screening also reduces the waiting list for in-person screenings which some patients may be more anxious about attending, while speeding up access to urgent care. The outcome to survival rates is improved considerably when digital data sharing services are available in conjunction with face-to-face screenings.

As a result, cloud-based medical image sharing platforms are on the rise to improve doctor and patient interaction and develop an open referral system between physicians.

Commenting on the partnership, Rick Froehlich, CEO of ClearDATA, said: “We can think of no better mission and are thrilled that ClearDATA’s managed health cloud services have provided Send Mammogram with the highest confidence that sensitive patient data will remain private as they continue the important work of modernising women’s healthcare”.

The main barrier of cloud-based image networks like Send Mammogram is the need for the government to create a federated patient data system that connects national data records and uses digital identity verification. On a national scale, in order to function for the NHS, image sharing software has to become interoperable with other infrastructure.

Tillata Gibson, Founder of Send Mammogram, said: “The embraces I’ve received from mammography coordinators and the positive feedback from radiologists when introducing them to Send Mammogram’s solution tells me our work will make an impact and improve women’s healthcare”.

The platform complies with the standards of HIPAA and HITRUST. The data is protected with a digital identity credential to ensure the end-to-end transfer is legitimate and traceable back to the sender.

ClearDATA is healthcare’s largest managed cloud security provider, powered by the CyberHealth SaaS platform. Its solutions operationalise compliance, privacy and security for the healthcare ecosystem in the public cloud.