In recent years, Singapore has become a hotspot for blockchain adoption and implementation. The supporting attitude of the government towards Decentralized Ledger Technology, puts the country as one of the frontrunners in global blockchain development.Singapore government has announced several blockchain-based projects in the public sector to upgrade their infrastructure. One of the companies that they are collaborating with is HashCash Consultants. The company is in talks with the Singapore government for project collaboration on a blockchain-based digital identity verification platform.The Features of HashCash's Digital Identity Verification PlatformFrom creating a profile on the social media platform to opening a bank account, every online interaction and transaction requires access to one's digital identification details. This dependence on digital identity has given birth to a host of issues. One of the major concerns among people these days is the privacy and security of their digital data. Identity thefts, forgery, and financial frauds are quite common, which has made fortifying the security of one's digital identity the need of the hour.Hopefully, blockchain technology has the solution to this problem. It can help in building a system that can create, verify and manage one's identity. Not only that, but a blockchain-based platform also comes with a value of privacy. Instead of a central authority or an intermediary, an individual will have full access to his/her identity, keeping control of personal data in the hands of the owner.HashCash Consultants' identity verification platform that has gained a lot of appreciation from clients since launch. Owing to that success, they are in talks with the Singapore government regarding their assistance in a project on digital identity.Highlighting the importance of blockchain-based digital identity verification platform, Raj Chowdhury, the CEO of HashCash Consultants stated that, "The whole idea is to replace the existing system of siloed identities, multiple passwords, and unsafe databases with frictionless, secure identity verification."