UK Government dismisses probe findings into public facial recognition

A recurring debate in the public domain surrounds whether biometric technologies should be used by the police to prevent criminal activities. The UK Government seemed to make a clear stance on the issue by rejecting investigation findings into the police's use of...

Singapore’s land checkpoint upgraded with facial and iris biometrics

As airports around the world deploy advanced biometric border controls, Singapore has taken one step further to ensuring land checkpoints are installed with facial detection technology to vet travellers who cross the border. A trial got underway last month to...

Innovatrics ranked most accurate iris matching technology

ABIS provider, Innovatrics has revealed it topped the ranks in last year's annual Biometric Rally, organised by the US Department of Homeland Security, which determined the most accurate iris matching technology used on mixed crowds of participants. Innovatrics is one...

Meta scraps Novi e-wallet as cryptocurrency market downturns

Less than a year after a pilot for Facebook's Novi digital app was launched, the e-wallet has been scrapped in a change of direction away from cryptocurrency as the market falls. Meta, who hoped Novi would become interoperable with other digital wallets, has now...

IAM expenditure to top $26 BILLION by 2027, according to Juniper Research 

A study by Juniper Research has predicted global expenditure in identity and access management could rise to $26 billion by 2027, due to subscription model growth. The new research identifies a shift in the IAM market moving away from term licenses to more SMEs...

Home Office strike biometric data sharing agreement with US borders

The UK Home Office has struck up a data sharing agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, granting border controls access to police-held biometric data records in the UK. Fingerprint and facial images archived in the UK police database are intended to...
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Knopka implements Smart Engines’ technology

Accounting outsourcing service Knopka has implemented Smart Engines technology for Russian passport recognition into its HR system. The service users now have access to the capabilities of the Smart ID Engine software product, which provides fast and secure entry of...

TikTok assures security of US data amid China threat

TikTok's Chief Executive, Shou Zi Chew, responded in a statement on Friday to promise a workable solution after nine U.S. Republican Senators signed a letter mounting concerns of U.S. data being shared with Chinese employees of its parent company, ByteDance. Despite...

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