Norwegian biometric card makers Zwipe have revealed details of an access card solution the company developed with fellow biometrics firm, Sweden's Fingerprint Cards AB.FPC chose Zwipe's product to upgrade the access control system they were currently using in their global headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, Zwipe wrote in a statement.When choosing a system upgrade, FPC wanted to not only include the biometric technology they, as a business, support; but also wanted to have that technology on their own product: the FPC fingerprint sensor.”Like most businesses, the safety and security of our employees and our premises is incredibly important,” said Alexander Blomquist, Sales Director for Fingerprint Cards AB. “Equally as important is ease of use and compatibility. There was no down time associated with our upgrade, as the Zwipe Access cards work with our existing readers. This was a win-win for us.”FPC appointed an administrator to oversee the implementation of the Zwipe Access cards who was responsible for enrolling the new users. After a short training session to learn the best methods of finger placement on the card, the enrollment went smoothly and users were able to use their new cards immediately.”Being able to upgrade our traditional 125kHz access control system to a biometric access control system in less than one day, while keeping our existing readers, enabled us to provide a safer, more secure work environment for our employees that is cost-effective and easy to use,” added Mr. Blomquist.Having had their Zwipe Access cards in use for just over half a year now, the plan going forward is to roll out the system upgrade to their other offices in Sweden.