British mobile biometrics firm Vrai Mobile has launched a personal information manager app protected with voice biometrics on the iOS App Store.Called MVK application ( My Voice KeePass), the app can now be deployed to protect personal data on iPhones or iPads. It can be used with a Master Key, a Pattern Unlock key or a Picture Lock.MVK can be hidden on devices so if it is lost or stolen, the thief won't know it's there in the first place. No personal voice data is retained – just a mathematical encrypted model of a voice that's unique to you. Voice verification to gain access to data takes 3 secondVrai CEO Brendan Treacy told Planet Biometrics “Without doubt everyone is going to come in contact with biometrics in the near future and what we have done here is bring a world -class technology into a very affordable and highly usable little application that anyone can benefit from using for just a few pounds.”This is just the start. We plan on releasing new features that will increase users' ability to configure and personalise how they access their data using multiple and non-digital access keys.”Treacy added that his firm will also extend the authentication capabilities of MVK by releasing an SDK (service development kit) that will allow it to become the access layer for many other applications on a white label basis. “Voice biometrics is ideal for mobile devices and its intuitive and accurate,” he said. “We hope MVK will prove a popular and easy way for anyone to get used to the concept.”