Veridos and Innovatrics have announced a strategic partnership which will broaden DNA biometrics for civilian use in addition to being a cornerstone of forensic investigations.

Innovatrics’ leading ABIS database – automated biometric identification system – will be utilised in this partnership to integrate with Veridos’s interoperable VeriDNA solution.

Veridos will supply DNA-based ID cards which will be linked with the ABIS database, with capability to compare each biometric data type to live capturde biometrics from checkpoints.

The vast data storage capability of Innovatrics’ technology offers benefits in particular to the travel industry for border pre-checks and the advanced collection of biometric data from each passenger journey. DNA offers in addition to accuracy, unique genetic profiling that omits personal information being stored and collected. DNA capture also ensures individuals have life-long visibility to authorities and protection against the risks of fraud, identity theft and terror offences.

While it is the most reliable form of identification, it is typically utilised in forensic investigations to prove criminality but neglected in preventive screening or developed into solutions for civilians due to the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of creating DNA IDs.

However, Innovatrics is driving to meet demand for use cases ranging from “issuing biometric and other ID cards to securing elections on most continents,.

Matus Kapusta, Head of the ABIS Business Unit at Innovatrics said: “Our ABIS, with its NIST-approved algorithms, is one of the fastest and most accurate systems in the world. Adding VeriDNA DNA ID biometric data to this significantly increases its value to our customers.”