New York prosecutors want judges to accept speaker recognition software as evidence in a case involving Al Shabaab militants, following reports that it was used to identify Islamic State's 'Jihadi John'.Brooklyn Federal Judge Sandra Townes has been asked to allow evidence that compares the voice of defendant Mohammed Yusuf with a masked militant raving in an Al Shabaab propaganda video.The analysis also linked Yusuf and co-defendant Ali Yasin Ahmed as the speakers on cellphone calls, intercepted by Swedish authorities, in which the two men are discussing their involvement with Al Shabaab, according to court papers.”The government is aware of no federal court that has ruled on the admissibility of the voice recognition techniqueߪbiometric speaker recognition has been admitted in at least one U.S. state court proceeding, (and) is regularly used by law enforcement, has been the subject of substantial peer review or other scholarly critique, and has been offered into evidence in many European courts,” prosecutors noted in court papers.However, defense lawyers argue that the new forensic science is “not ready for prime time” in a criminal case.