UK telecoms firm TalkTalk has revealed that it will be introducing voice biometric security at its contact centres to speed up customer support.Alastair Douglas, Group Business Assurance Director at TalkTalk says “voice biometric tagging” will be introduced this year, while suggesting that Nuance will provide the technology.”The same company that does Siri has built an app that asks you to say a stock phrase such as 'my voice is my password', which it will use to verify you. It sounds futuristic, but this could be live by the end of the year,” he told USwitch.”It's great because you take out a chunk of the call. No-one wants to be on the phone for any length of time and any sort of improvement in the time it takes to identify who you are and get you to the right person could dramatically cut that down.”In 2013, Britain's Barclays Wealth announced that it was deploying voice biometric security developed by Nuance.Customers who have already used that service have already rated it 9 out of 10 for speed, ease of use and security in 93 per cent of cases.