Uganda's electoral commission plans to meet next week with candidates and stakeholders to explain the biometric system that will be used to verify voters in the February 18 general election.Officials say the use of biometric verification will strengthen the credibility of the presidential, legislative and local elections, reported VOA.”For the first time in our history of elections in Uganda, we are going to use biometric voter verification equipment at every polling station. When you come as a voter, the machine identifies you as so and your voting status by using either your thumbprint or a barcode on the back of your national ID [identification] or a barcode on the voter location's list that we will be issuing at least two weeks before the polling,” Taremwa said to the agency.As of last September, five foreign companies had submitted bids seeking to supply Uganda's Electoral Commission with biometric equipment for a 2016 vote, according to local media.In March, Zetes announced that it has won a contract to supple Uganda with 4,250 biometric kits for citizen identification for voter registration in the run up to the presidential elections. Meanwhile, a month later Suprema revealed that would also be providing Uganda with several thousand RealScan-G10 live scanners for citizen voter identification.”So far we have received about 17,000 out of over 30,000 machines we require,” Taremwa said.