Human interface-based research group Tractica has found that biometrics is growing to become the right solution for a more diverse set of applications and use cases.The group cites developments such as biometric voter registration removing barriers of poverty and illiteracy, and consumers being able to authenticate financial transactions with a fingerprint, voice, eyes, or even an electrocardiogram – all with far lower risk than passwords that can be stolen and used on the other side of the world.”Use cases, above all else, define biometrics. Technology enables, but does not define this market,” says principal analyst Bob Lockhart. “There is little evidence of point solution selling or customers being seduced by impressive technology. Even vendors with unique technology talk first about solving problems. Biometrics is democratic; everyone has eyes, voices, fingers, or at least a pulse. This technology serves all economies.”In May, Tractica predicted that the worldwide biometrics market will grow in value annually from $2.0 billion in 2015 to $14.9 billion by 2024.