Swiss biometric time and attendance solution providers Touchless Biometric Systems has integrated its product with a workforce management solution developed by Allegion's Interflex.The TBS solution has been integrated with the Interflex IF-6040 to create a biometric time and attendance management solution for midsized to large installations.Instead of doing it the traditional way by integrating single devices, TBS was integrated as a biometric sub-system.The main data exchange (user data as well as attendance events) is done on a system level via web services. By integrating a system rather than devices Interflex benefitted immediately from a complete biometric infrastructure and a broad variety of biometric hardware and applications, all operated by the TBS biometric-subsystem.This resulted in an equal partnership with each partner dealing with his own core know-how and combining it.End-customers perceive it as one solution. From enrollment up to reporting everything becomes part of Interflex IF6040 management software. For both partners the combination opened up new market opportunities which resulted in installations for Audi, BMW, Pictet Private Bank, Sparkasse Munich and Saudi Ground Services among others.”Using one platform, integration with TBS has made it easy for us, our Partners and for the handling of our biometric projects”, said Robert Karolous, Product Manager, Interflex.